How to arrange a 25 square meter apartment?

Comment agencer un appartement de 25m2

How to arrange a 25 square meter apartment? In such a small area, you must intelligently optimize the space and create a fully functional and comfortable cocoon. This may be a real puzzle, because every square centimeter is precious. We give you all our skills.

Carefully selected furniture

To decorate a 25 square meter apartment, the correct choice of furniture is essential. Due to limited space, accumulation should be avoided and practical furniture consistent with your available space should be selected.

Bed to increase space

Decorate a small apartment and add space for a bed

Bed is one of the heaviest furniture. There are several models that allow you to make room at night and create a comfortable environment. This is especially true for folding sofas, which can make room and create a rest area. In the same case, this retractable bed provides a lot of practicality: it can be placed in the furniture when you don't need it. If the height under the ceiling is high enough, choose a mezzanine bed so that you can put the furniture under it, such as sofa, wardrobe or table.

A bed in a small apartment

If not, please note that you can also raise your bed to add storage space at the bottom, such as clothes and shoes.

Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture

The layout of a 25 square meter apartment needs originality. Choosing multifunctional furniture will be one of the keys to success. The most practical examples include:

  • A rickety table,
  • The table by the sofa,
  • Cribs and cribs,
  • Retractable office,
  • The mirror wears a coat,
  • Fold or fold the table.
Decorate a small apartment

Generally speaking, be alert to the materials you use: lightness is the most important. We avoid too large rooms. We prefer furniture to higher shapes and sizes suitable for available space: a chair instead of a sofa, a small table instead of a large model, and so on. Glass tables or transparent plastic chairs are integrated with decoration, which will not bring burden to the room.

& separate spaces

Intuitively defining different spaces will make it easier for you to arrange a 25 square meter apartment and assign specific functions to each location. This will give you a deep feeling and ensure that each area has enough space to play its role.

Separate the space in a 25 square meter apartment

If you live in a studio, the room can be separated by removable partitions or glass windows. If you want to avoid doing a lot of work, you can choose curtains, sunshades or furniture. To do this, it is best to choose open furniture so that the room can breathe better. At the same time, pay attention to the intelligent layout to avoid hindering traffic.

Mural apartment 25 square meters

Decoration is also the preferred ally of separated space. Use a separate color code for each area. This can be achieved at the level of furniture and accessories, or at the level of paint selected for walls and floors.

Use missing walls and gaps

Lost corner

All apartments have lost corners. They can be used to arrange a 25 square meter apartment and create additional storage space. For example, the closet can hold bookshelves, and the corridor can hold bookshelves or dressing rooms.

Consider using the height of wall corners and walls to add additional storage space without occupying ground space. The closet can be installed on a separate closet, even if the structure of the closet is atypical, whether in bed, kitchen or bathroom.

Layout entrance small apartment

Similarly, you can add furniture around the opening. For example, a bench with a storage room would be ideal for creating a cocoon corner under the window.

Decorate accordingly

We'll never talk too much. Decoration is the essence of a place. To arrange a 25 square meter apartment, you must abide by some rules. The first is not to overload the space. Whether you choose modern, simple or rural style, you should choose some solid rooms rather than a large number of items.

25m2 drainage ditch is arranged

Due to limited space, we recommend that you choose only one style. In a space of 25 square meters, it is difficult to successfully combine the ultra modern atmosphere with the rural environment. To visually expand the space, select a light color, such as white or beige.

Paint for a small apartment

If you want to have a more colorful atmosphere, you can use some small strokes to enhance the color, such as drawing a corner. Forest green or duck blue brings warmth and depth. For something more attractive, some bright colors are very popular, such as electric purple or purplish red.

Mirror decoration

Finally, don't ignore the mirror to decorate a 25 square meter apartment. Their location is very good, giving people a sense of space. Ideally, place them in front of a light source (such as a window or lamp) to maximize brightness and visually expand the space again.